It All Started When...

Back in 2013, my lovely wife Dolores told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. She then sprayed CBD oil into my mouth; not knowing what CBD was, but somewhat knowing what "marijuana" tasted like, I quickly opened my eyes after swallowing it and said: "hey, that's marijuana!" - my wife laughed and told me: "no silly, it's CBD without the THC".

After Using CBD For Over Five Years Now...

Both Dolores and I started getting really into CBD oil and the medicinal benefits it had, from relieving aches and pains to helping with sleep and moods. We graduated from a low dose of 100mg to all the way up to 550mg every day. Then capsules were added to our daily regimen! We believed in CBD oil so much we decided to start our own company!

Our Mission Statement...

To provide the best CBD products for people and pets helping Balancing Body & Mind™.

Our MedJoy™ Brand Is Sourced Right...

Keeping jobs in America, we only source from Colorado hemp farms only! Our source provides our brand the finest hemp oil on the face of this planet! They grow their hemp using organic farming practices so there is no need for toxic fertilizers or pesticides. Hemp is naturally resistant to pests and can be easily cultivated without harmful pesticides. With over 980 acres (and growing) of fine soiled hemp land, MedJoy™ products will always be available!
The hemp oil we source comes from Otto II Á BaOX cannabis strains.
Our products are not marijuana.
Are lab-tested, certified and insured.
Organic farming practices are exclusively used.
All of our products contain NO preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or additive dyes.
All of our products are Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan.

When We Began...

Encinitas Hemp, Inc. started in October of 2017. Yes, we're a relatively young company, but rest assured our passion for CBD oil definitely makes up for what little time we've been in business! We care about peoples' and pets' wellbeing; we're continually firguring out clever ways to make CBD products that fit everyone's taste and life style, oh, and your pet's style and life style too!

We hope you give us a try, and see what our CBD products can do for you! We started our very own brand called MedJoy™ and we're confident you're going to love our products for people and pets!

Encinitas Hemp, Inc.